Bio Deisel

Bio diesel can be used in Beta Marine (Kubota) engines with certain caveats. 

Definition: Biodiesel is produced in pure form (100% biodiesel), which is referred to as B100 or Neat Diesel and may be blended with petroleum-based fuel in various percentages. For example: A blend containing 5% biodiesel and 95% petroleum-based fuel is referred to as a B5 blend.

Recommendations regarding the use of Biodiesel

Enhanced care must be taken, even if the biodiesel meets the said standards above:
Biodiesel can attract moisture and may contain higher water content than conventional diesel fuels.
Keep storage and vehicle tanks as full as possible to prevent moisture from collecting inside. Ensure all tank caps and covers are installed properly to prevent water from entering.

Shorter maintenance intervals, such as cleaning the fuel system and replacing fuel filters and lines, might be required.
Kubota strongly recommends using a water separator.

Follow the standard Kubota oil change interval for the given engine along with checking the oil level daily prior to starting the engine. Extended oil change interval beyond the standard interval can cause engine damage Cold weather conditions can lead to fuel system plugging, hard starting and other possible unknown failures. Plugging can include both fuel filters and fuel lines. Microbial contamination and growth can cause corrosion in the fuel system and premature plugging of the fuel filter.

Degradation of the fuel in the supply chain or in the vehicle:
– Accelerated by the presence of oxygen, water, heat and impurities
– Biodiesel should not be stored for more than 3-months.
– Prior to engine storage, the engine should be flushed for a minimum of 30-minutes with petroleum-based diesel fuel.

If Biodiesel is spilled onto painted surfaces, it should be cleaned off immediately to prevent damage to the painted surface.
Biodiesel, by definition is biodegradable, so the higher the concentration of biodiesel in a fuel blend, the more susceptible the fuel is to degradation and engine performance and fuel consumption might be affected. Concentrations of no more than 5% biodiesel are approved to minimize potential corrosion on aluminum, zinc material along with rubber and plastic parts.

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