Automatic bilge pump review

We purchased one of these new type of “computerized” 500gph bilge pumps today (West Marine $50) and installed it. With hose and back flow prenveters etc the total was about $100. I was skeptical about not having a float, but it works great. We also run a Attwood automatic for the high water pump that works well, but I was

impressed with this unit because it was small enough to fit between the keel bolts and sucks the water down to about 1/2 inch. I tested it a couple of times by filling the bilge

with a hose. This install was to replace our faulty diaphragm pump and it works well. This, the shallow water pump runs off the dual house batteries (on 2 solar panels) and the high water is wired into battery two, the start battery for redundancy.


Pump update, so far so good (2 years later) . This little pump has worked day in and day out pumping out the dehumidifier’s offering that trickle via drain hose into the bilge.

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