Easypoxy topside paint job

About two years ago, I painted Wu-Wei’s tired old topside using this “great” product called EasyPoxy.

I am no dummy- countless hours of research and prep work went into this project. Painting over gelcoat is no easy feat- I had to wash the boat a few times with hull cleaner, wipe with acetone, and sand everything lightly. I taped and primed. Then I painted. While the end result was not perfect (I learned a lot a few months later when painting the hull in the dreaded AwlGrip), the end reult was much better than the before. The topsides were shiny and easy to clean. Now, to my dismay, the topside is a hot, oxidized, chalky mess that holds dirt. WTF? Weeks of my life were wasted, and EasyPoxy is not cheap.

EasypoxyThis, my friends, is total crap. The front of the boat looks like someone was dancing on fish remnants in black shoes. It will not hose off. The next step, for the time being, will be to get a scrub brush and some car soap. It’s a funny thing on sailboats- usually, the hull looks like crap and the topsides look fine. Our hull is shiny and clean. Anyhoo, I have learned a valuable lesson from all of this- boaters lie! People claimed EasyPoxy lasted them forever. Maybe they got some special formula, or have their boats under a tarp. I now refer to this paint as, “EasyPOX.” There is a solution, of course. This is to remove all the old paint and go with the rest of the $300+ of AwlGrip left over in my garage. Ha ha ha, should only take me MONTHS to do! (Yeah, screw this crap.) I’ll put this on my “eventually I need to get around to doing this someday” list and live with it for now. At least I wasn’t stupid enough to use house paint! (This was also a recommendation by a boat owner. I looked at him like he was smoking crack.)

US30 Wu-Wei


The whole irony is she looks nothing like that picture now! The hull looks completely different, and the topside… errrr….

EasyPOX sucks.


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