What you didn’t know about barnacles

Below is some interesting information about barnacles I found while doing some research. We’ve had a problem with them here in W. FL. For the most part they love our prTypical barnacle cluster exampleop, prop shaft, and strut.


  • Charles Darwin was the first to study them in 1851
  • They have the longest penis in ratio to their size of all animals
  • They only have one eye (no, not the one mentioned above!)
  • They have six pairs of legs
  • They’ve been around for 400-500 million years
  • They grow fast, in patches, for survival
  • They only attach themselves to hard surfaces
  • They attach head first to your boat
  • They go through two larval stages before they set up camp on your hull
  • Color plays a roll on where they decide to attach themselves
  • They will grow on top of each other to kill out other barnacles
  • They’re growth rate is closely linked to water tempature


  • They could sink that abandoned boat in your marina that’s home to rats


  • They can weigh down your boat thousands of pounds
  • They will slow you down
  • They’re unsightly
  • They’re sharp
  • They’re an invasive species
  • They don’t come off easily
  • They can cost you a lot of time and/or money
  • There’s no miracle science cure to keep them off your baby
  • They live in shallow intertidal zones, like marinas
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